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Available in:

3m  |  9m   |   12m   |   15m   |   20m

Our Clearspan Marquees offer a variety of options. They can be ivory lined or finished clear in sections, or the entire length of the marquee.


There is complete customisation with this option, it's your choice just how much of the outside you truly want to bring in and how you'd like your marquee to look.

INT 8.jpg

Clearspan - Clear Section

For that extra wow factor, why not have your marquee clear, bringing the outside in! This can be done in partial 3m sections or the entire roof can be fully clear, allowing your and your guests to see the sky!


Clearspan - Ivory Lined

Ivory is a neutral and elegant colour that can add a touch of sophistication to the interior of a marquee. It creates a soft and classic ambiance, making it suitable for various events such as weddings, formal parties, or upscale gatherings.

Clearspan - Black Linings

Black is a classic and sophisticated color that can create a sense of luxury and formality. Events such as galas, upscale parties, or corporate functions may benefit from the sleek and refined atmosphere that black linings provide.

INT 8.jpg
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