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Our Radial Marquees offer a WOW moment! At a 90 degree angle they can be ivory lined, finished clear in sections, or the entire length of the marquee can be completely clear to really bring the outside in! 

INT 8.jpg

Radial Marquee - Interior

Radial marquees offer a generous amount of space, thanks to their circular design. This layout provides ample room for seating, dining, dancing, and more, making it suitable for various events, from weddings to corporate functions. The central point of the radial marquee, where the roof poles converge, often serves as a focal point for the interior design. This area may be decorated with a centerpiece, such as a chandelier, hanging floral arrangement, or draping, to draw attention and create a sense of grandeur.

INT 7_edited.jpg

Radial Marquee - Exterior

A radial style marquee exterior has a very unique design, which features a circular shape with a central point from which the roof poles radiate outward like spokes on a wheel. 

INT 8.jpg
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