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Available in:

3m  |  5m   |   6m   |  Or joined together

To get the wow-factor for your marquee, or just to create a little extra space, we recommend using our range of frame pagodas.

They are ideal for a wedding, special party, or  show stand and will give your event a special finishing touch.

The walls are more rigid than the standard pagoda option and you can decorate them with our ivory linings if you wish to create a more polished effect for your event.


Frame Pagoda Options:

The frame pagoda comes with an optional addition of:


Window Panels

Solid Aluminium Framed

Glass Door

Ivory Linings


Solid Floor and Carpet


Pagodas - Joined Together

Pagodas provide the perfect cover for entrances, receptions or garden parties. They are lighter weight structures and very flexible option for your event.


The wall finishes include Solid PVC Walls, Windows, or No Walls - very common if you want to bring the outdoors in!

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