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We provide marquees and event equipment for Schools, Universities and associated organisations throughout the North West and North Wales.

Our knowledge in this sector is extensive and includes:


Speech Days

Graduation Events

Conferences & Seminars

Summer Balls

Parties & Festivals

Furniture Hire for Exams

Extra Canteen Space


Long or Short Term Hire

Suitable for all educational facilities, from canteens to classrooms


Our large range of marquees and temporary structures mean that we can cater for almost any requirement for additional space in the education sector for long or short term circumstances.

Adaptable Structures

Firstly, as they are modular structures they can be as big or small as needed. They can also fit into unusual or difficult spaces: small, sloping ground, over ponds/pools, plants, small trees or other landscaping features.

They can be fitted with clear window walls to provide external views. Their ‘walls’ can be opened up on warm, sunny days to provide airflow and so that students can enjoy the weather.


Marquees are also viable during the winter months; they are rated to withstand gusts of wind of up to 80 mph. The addition of thermostatically controlled marquee heaters means that they can be kept warm and comfortable, even on the coldest of days!

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